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How Can I Have Physio Online?

Physiotherapy as a whole has moved away from a dependance on elaborate machines and solely 'hands on' techniques, and more towards structured rehabilitation plans that the patient carries out themselves under guidance. This can be converted surprisingly well to an online format, and there is extensive research backing this. Our goal is to give you the tools to manage your own care where possible. Video consultations are particularly useful if you have a question, are looking to see if physio is for you, or to offer follow up care.

How Does It Work?

At PhysioLinked, we have taken the physiotherapy consultation process completely online. This means that you can get your injury personally assessed and diagnosed via video consultation. Your Physiotherapist will then formulate a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs, and convey it to you online.

  • Make an online booking
  • Receive a text with a link to 'See Your Provider'
  • No downloads required- its a seamless process that opens in your browser
  • Following treatment we can email a receipt for your insurance provider

What If I Need An In-House Session?

Should our findings indicated that  you need to see a Physiotherapist or other healthcare professional in person, we will certainly advise accordingly.

If you have any questions, please hey don't hesitate to reach out and speak with our support staff:-

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