Bespoke Physiotherapy Services for Your Employees


Onsite Pop-Up: 1:1 Treatments


  • One off pop up clinic to address your employees physiotherapy needs
  • Eliminates the loss of time/ stress of traveling to a clinic
  • Avoids the hindrances of immobility 
  • Offers you comfort in the familiar surroundings of your own workplace
  • Enhances workplace wellbeing

Onsite Health Screening- Group


  • On-site screening includes large volumes of employees availing of a set of physiotherapy assessments.
  • These include basic strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, postural or biomechanical assessments and gait analysis
  • Our team then combine their findings to give an overall snapshot of each employee’s current musculokeletal health and offer a basic treatment plan where required. 
  • Intervention typically includes exercise prescription or engagement in an active treatment session with a chartered physiotherapist or another member of our multidisciplinary team (dietician, podiatrist etc).

Online Therapy


  • Physiotherapy as a whole has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and manual techniques, and more towards structured rehabilitation plans that the patient carries out themselves under guidance. This can be converted surprisingly well to an online format, and there is extensive research evidence to support this.
  • Take your staffs' physiotherapy consultation process completely online. Give them the means to have their injury personally assessed and diagnosed via video consultations.
  • One of our team will then formulate a rehabilitation plan specific to your employees' needs, conveyed via online video through your desktop or  smartphone
  • If we feel that an in person Physiotherapy session is required, we will certainly advise accordingly

Seminars & Classes


  • We help corporate clients get started on the path to better workforce fitness by offering enjoyable, educational onsite seminars. In order to avoid disrupting working hours or reducing productivity, we would offer a morning (2 hours) or  half day (4 hours) of training to coincide with our on-site assessment days.
  • Our seminars are tailored to the needs of the company employees, given by highly trained healthcare professionals and address key topics such as basic health and lifestyle advice on exercise, injury prevention, nutrition, stress-coping mechanisms etc. Our goal is to address and encourage self-management of health - both physical and mental - and to  aid in positive work-life balance.
  • We can  offer active on-site classes as part of our seminar day- e.g. educating on basic stretching and strengthening techniques. We are available to offer weekly/monthly classes should the corporation require (e.g. pilates or circuit training). Our aims with our seminars and classes are at all times to make them fun and accessible.

Onsite Programmes

Our Objectives

  • Identify risk factors for musculoskeletal disease and chronic illness
  • Treat onsite 1:1 as required 
  • Increase employee understanding and self-management of healthcare
  • Create fun and engaging wellness programme
  • Increase physical activity
  • Encourage and support positive lifestyle changes

Why PhysioLinked?

  • Evidence- based best practices utilized
  • Highly skilled multidisciplinary team, manned by GP and Physiotherapist 
  • Fun and engaging, multifaceted corporate wellness programme
  • Highly experienced IT team, delivering bespoke applications in response to client need

Online Follow Up

  • At PhysioLinked we are uniquely positioned to offer online video consultations through our own secure, GDRP compliant portal
  • Give your employees a link or place a button on your website/ social media pages and with one click they can engage with one our our experienced team
  • Ideal for queries, assessments and follow ups.

A Healthy Workforce is a Productive One

For our corporate clients, our team work both onsite and online- offering bespoke services from pop-up clinics, to ongoing health screening and video consultations. Health risk physiotherapy assessments result in aggregate reporting about the health status and collective health risks of their entire workforce. 

Our onsite physiotherapy sessions and online screening tools are used to gather relevant information about the health status and health risk factors of the company’s population and highlight areas of concern. Our assessments aim to identify potential health risk factors and deliver targeted interventions. The data we collate can inform and shape each company’s entire wellness program. We ask employees to complete a health risk assessment tool in order gain a clear understanding of their evolving health status and health risks - so that those risks can be addressed in a meaningful, targeted and impactful way. Our risk assessment evaluates the following information:

  • Demographics and Biometrics
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise levels
  • Self-perceived health status
  • Willingness to change

On the employee’s side, the output of our health risk assessment consists of  a plan for wellness, including tips and goals to help them improve their health status and decrease their risk for disease. We place a strong focus on answering specific employees' needs- be that to reduce risk of injury in the workplace, prepare for the next triathalon or to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. 


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